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Learn to Play the Violin
Learn a specific style of music or finally master that song you've always wanted to learn...

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You are much closer to achieving your goals than you might think. Proper instruction and inspiration can lead you on the right path to learning how to play the violin!
Learn Perfect Technique
The violin is considered one of the hardest instruments to play, but it's only hard when you learn bad habits. 

Building solid fundamentals will help you play anything from the hardest classical piece to the fastest fiddle tune. 

All you have to do is focus on what's important and you'll start seeing much quicker results.

You'll learn how to play the violin properly!

Achieve High Milestones
All the milestones you thought you could never achieve are closer than you think...

Maybe you want to join an orchestra ...or you want to help your child get into a college music program. 

Whatever it is (even if you just want to impress yourself), we'll help you get on the right path!

The Violin Tutor Pro Academy is the best program you'll find anywhere to learn the violin. Not just online but in person too!

Martha G. - Baton Rouge, LA

I seriously can't believe how much this program has helped me. I'm now more inspired than ever to practice and learn!

John G. - Louisville, KY

I've been teaching violin for 15 years and I absolutely love the violin lessons. I highly recommend it to my students!

Stephanie C. - Homestead, FL

"We look forward to helping you learn the violin!"
Michael Sanchez
Founder of Violin Tutor Pro
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