I specialize in teaching violin to adults of all ages!

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My name is Michael Sanchez and I am a full-time violin teacher in Grand Rapids, MI. I love teaching and I am happy to say that for the last 5 years I have made my living helping hundreds of people learn how to play the violin!

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Let me be your teacher!

I am a specialist in teaching the violin to adults between the ages of 50-70. I currently have over 25 students in this age range! Ten of these students have been with me for over 3 years! Over 75% of these students started off as complete beginners not knowing anything about the violin, and now many of them have become advanced players.
I highly encourage you to consider trying the violin to see how rewarding and fun playing can be. I am a very passionate teacher, and have been told my biggest strength is my ability to explain musical concepts, while making learning fun and enjoyable! Many of my adult students came to their first lesson not realizing how much they would like the violin. Now many of them would consider playing the violin their number one hobby!
There is no need to master the violin, as many of my adult students don’t have that goal in mind. They simply love playing as a hobby and enjoy the progress of learning the instrument! You can decide for yourself how far you want to advance with the violin.
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Skeptical and not sure you can do it? Let me cover some frequent concerns.

Do you think you are too old to start?
Many adults believe that it is best to learn the violin at a young age. This is totally untrue! I find that adults actually learn twice as fast as the average student under the age of 18. I have so many success stories of adult students who are able to progress and learn to play the violin with me even without any previous musical experience. All it takes is the desire to learn, the right teacher, and a little bit of time to spend towards it.
Do you think you don’t have enough time to practice?
One of the biggest concerns I have found with students in the 50-65 age range is that they don’t believe they have enough time to learn to play the violin. Certainly, practice makes perfect like anything else, but I find that adult students progress well with just 2-4 days of at least 30 minutes each day of practice per week.

Follow these steps to start!

Step 1 – Obtain an instrument.

Least expensive routeThe Cervini.
Low price option – If you want to purchase a nice beginner model instrument, I recommend my Matteo Violin. This instrument is the best quality beginner instrument I have ever played, and it will sound better than the rental instrument. You can’t beat the price on this violin for the quality of sound it produces. You can trade this violin anytime for any of my nicer quality instruments.
Intermediate/Premium quality option – If you are interested in getting a beautiful sounding instrument to start, this is a great way to go as you will never be interested in purchasing or upgrading your violin again. You will be able to get a beautiful sound on the violin early on, which will increase your ability and interest in practicing. The best quality intermediate model violin I have on the site is the Sandro Luciano violin outfit which comes with a nice case. The best quality premium model violin that I have on the site is the Damiano violin outfit which also comes with a nice case. The Romano violin has a beautiful sound and is the best sounding violin I have ever played under 10K. The price, though, is much less than that and is an excellent value! You will want a nice quality bow with either of these instruments as it makes a huge difference in the quality of sound. I recommend my Pierre Martin pernambucco bow, which is a high-quality flexible stick that makes every violin note sing with richness and beauty. I can work out a deal with you if you are interested in the bow with the violin. I do offer a free 30-day money back guarantee, and if you give me a call, I can coordinate an in-home trial and/or payment plan. Give me a call and we’ll work out a plan that is going to work best for you.

Step 2 – Make sure you have a shoulder rest and rosin.

The rental outfit comes with a shoulder rest/rosin, but every other violin package does not. Check out my purchase recommendations page for the shoulder rest/rosin that I recommend.

Step 3 – Choose which violin lesson option is best for you.

DVD/Video Lessons – I have put together hundreds of violin lessons and all of them are available on my website as a member. I have included everything there is to learning to play the violin properly with these resources and I will teach you how to play hundreds of songs with sheet music. You can learn at your own pace and the price is really great for the amount of content available!   Lessons 1-10 are also available on my Violin Tutor Pro Series 1 DVD.
Skype Lessons – Along with my membership lessons above, I include one free 30-minute monthly lesson on Skype. This allows me to watch you play online and give you specific tips and advice to help you progress. I also offer weekly 30-minute skype lessons at $25/lesson. All you need to do is set up a Skype account and have a webcam. If you don’t have a webcam, I highly recommend this option through Amazon. Email me with your time zone, day/time that works best for you, and your Skype ID if you are interested in setting up a lesson. If you email me at rivertownviolin@hotmail.com, I will offer you the first lesson free!

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